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Gil Sandler, Realvest's Managing Director, is a frequent contributor to professional publications in real estate and project finance, and a member of the Board of Editors of Real Estate Finance (Aspen). Several recent articles are posted below.
September 2013 Real Estate Finance Journal: Securitization and the Great Mortgage Meltdown
March 2008 Pratt's Journal of Bankruptcy Law: Equitable Reformation of Mortgages: An Alternative Approach to Stabilizing the Housing Market
December 2007 Real Estate Finance: Aggressive Mortgage Lending and the Housing Market: The Economic Impact of Minor Miscalculations
September 2007 Real Estate Finance Journal: The Housing Pendulum Shifts: From Sublime to Subprime
June 2007 Real Estate Developments: Legal and Ethical Issues in Mortgage Banking: The Subprime Mortgage Meltdown
July 2006 Real Estate Finance Journal: Real Estate Benefits of Non-Profit Organizations: Taking Full Advantage of 501(c)(3) Status
April 2006 Real Estate Finance: Interest Rates and the Real Estate Bubble
August 2005 Real Estate Finance: The "Bubble Effect" on Real Estate Values: A Commentary
February 2005 Real Estate Finance: Real Estate Finance Leases: On-or Off-Balance Sheet?
Fall 2004 Real Estate Finance Journal: Finance Leasing Under the New Accounting Rules: An Update
December 2003 Real Estate Finance: Real Estate Leasing: A New Chapter on Synthetic and Other Leases Post-Enron
Fall 2003 Real Estate Finance Journal: Synthetic or 'True' Leases: Business As Usual?
June 2003 Real Estate Finance: Synthetic Leases After FIN 46: As FASB Issues New Accounting Rules, the Future Remains Unclear
December 2002 Real Estate Finance: Synthetic and Other Off-Balance-Sheet Leases: Prospective Accounting Reforms
October 2002 Real Estate Finance: Synthetic and Other Structured Leases After Enron: A Halftime Update on Proposed Accounting Reforms
Summer 2002 Real Estate Finance Journal: Synthetic Leases and Tax Policy: The Post-Enron Proposal to Deny Tax Deductions to Synthetic Leases
Spring 2000 Real Estate Finance Journal: Off-Balance Sheet Lease Financing: An Overview